Jodrell Bank

Jodrell Bank now joins a prestigious group of sites across the globe recognised by UNESCO’s international community as sites of Outstanding Universal Value.


Jodrell Bank

Located in a rural area of northwest England, free from radio interference, Jodrell Bank is one of the world’s leading radio astronomy observatories. At the beginning of its use, in 1945, the property housed research on cosmic rays detected by radar echoes. This observatory, which is still in operation, includes several radio telescopes and working buildings, including engineering sheds and the Control Building.

Jodrell Bank has had substantial scientific impact in fields such as the study of meteors and the moon, the discovery of quasars, quantum optics, and the tracking of spacecraft. This exceptional technological ensemble illustrates the transition from traditional optical astronomy to radio astronomy (1940s to 1960s), which led to radical changes in the understanding of the universe.

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Did you know..?

Jodrell Bank was the only place in Europe that was able to track the first Moon landing mission. –

The idea for the Jodrell Bank Observatory began in 1945 when famous astronomer Bernard Lovell came to the University of Manchester for science research. –

In 2008, Bernard Lovell admitted that the telescope at Jodrell Bank was set up under a secret mission, to provide a warning of missile attacks during the Cold War. –


Location: Cheshire

Country: United Kingdom

Year of Inscription: 2019

UNESCO Criteria: (i), (ii), (iv). (vi)

Contact information:

For more information about Jodrell Bank, visit the website or contact visitor information on +44 (0) 1477 571 766