Jodrell Bank WHS

November 6, 2023 Published by Alex McCoskrie


Job opportunity – Head of Operations

Jodrell Bank WHS are seeking an outstanding Head of Operations; a proven business manager within the cultural sector, with a strong commitment to providing an exceptional visitor experience. They will work closely with the Director and Senior Management Team to oversee the smooth running of the site; becoming a vital facilitator in an exciting new chapter in Jodrell Bank’s story. They will also have a keen eye for recognising new avenues of development, and a fundamental appreciation for the power of arts and science to inspire the next generation of inquiring, adventurous minds.

The purpose of this role is to provide strategic, artistic, and executive leadership, maintaining Jodrell Bank Centre for Engagement’s outstanding reputation and ensure that excellence as a visitor experience is kept at the core of everything they do. They will be able to support, encourage and motivate staff, as well as managing stakeholder relationships and being an advocate for the business.

This post-holder will be in a key position to realise the full potential of what Jodrell Bank Centre for Engagement has to offer; investigating new areas for growth and strengthening their current assets in accordance with their mission, vision and values. The Head of Operations will be a strong senior leader, perpetuating an attitude of inclusion and transparency in everything they do. The perfect candidate will bring a combination of creativity and practicality to the position, with a sound understanding of the logistics involved in running a cultural and heritage venue in the UK today. They will have excellent foresight when making decisions, and will have the skills and understanding to action new initiatives. They will be inspired by the founding principals of Jodrell Bank Centre for Engagement and use their unique voice to bring new perspectives to the heart of the organisation.

Application deadline is Fri 8th Dec 2023.
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