Summer exhibition at the Museum of Bath Architecture

May 28, 2024 Published by Alex McCoskrie

Bath Preservation Trust (BPT) has announced a new summer exhibition at the Museum of Bath Architecture: “Biophilic Bath – The Green City You See”.

The exhibition, which will run from 10th July to September 2024, will feature designs by innovative architects, engineers, and designers, which show future “biophilic” visions of the city.

Biophilic design is defined as “design which focuses on those aspects of the natural world that have contributed to human health and productivity in the age-old struggle to be fit and survive”.

The Museum of Bath Architecture is excited to present a variety of radical ideas that intrigue, delight and energize, and inspire the future sustainability and climate resilience of the city.

Alex Sherman, CEO of BPT, says: “From 2024 developers in the UK will be required to increase the biodiversity of their sites by 10% under the new biodiversity net gain legislation, so city greening and sustainability are priorities now – not just in the future.

Through this exhibition we hope to demonstrate how urban areas within the City of Bath World Heritage Site could be complemented by biodiverse and biophilic public realm and the value this has to the future health and wellbeing of the city and its citizens.” 

Joanna Robinson, Sustainability and Design Manager at BPT says: “We are really excited to bring the creative visions of some of the area’s talented designers to the Museum of Bath Architecture.

Each of these imaginative site-specific biophilic design responses includes direct or indirect experiences of nature, incorporates low carbon materials and urban greening and nurtures the love of Bath and its unique landscape setting.

One of our core objectives at BPT is to promote a sustainable future for Bath. We hope that this new exhibition will get people thinking and talking about a new consciousness towards restorative, habitat-friendly urban design for people and nature.”

The Museum of Bath Architecture reopened on 30th March 2024, after a four-year closure. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm, every week.