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‘Our World Heritage Sites’ menu – finally something to shout about!

February 3, 2016 Published by Beth Thomas

‘Our World Heritage Sites’ menu – finally something to shout about!

Regular visitors to this website will have noticed the lack of any action on the menu marked “Our World Heritage Sites”.  Well, in November 2015, I was lucky enough to have a highly capable volunteer to start to put this together for World Heritage UK.

Diana Rahman, recently graduated from a Masters in World Heritage Studies at the Ironbridge Institute, University of Birmingham, was able to spend five weeks with my Team on the Jurassic Coast experiencing the day to day running of a World Heritage Site.  In amongst the work for us, she found time to put together the basic information needed for this section of the WH:UK website, and I hope you will agree she has done an excellent job.

The information for each site is more in the form of metadata, with links to other Sites, and we would not aim to expand much beyond this because of the time implications in maintaining information. But, coordinators and other experts, please do check the facts for your Sites and let us know at if corrections are needed.  I have assured Diana that we will make the design better in the future, but at least the information is now up there for all to see!

You can find the main page here, and explore from there.


Sam Rose,
Chair of Trustees, World Heritage  UK