Our World Heritage Sites

This part of the website is about providing more information about the UK’s 32 outstanding World Heritage Sites.  They are as varied as it is possible to be in any one country, but there are strong themes of industrial heritage, cities and archaeology, human accomplishment and underlying geology.  UNESCO subdivides them into natural, cultural or mixed sites, but all have Outstanding Universal Value, which is a cultural way of ascribing value to something, whether it be man-made or natural.

This section divides them geographically, for want of a better way, and also identifies those places on the Tentative List of possible UK future World Heritage Sites.

Please do let us know at info@worldheritageuk.org if there are any corrections being needed to be made.

Our thanks go to the fantastic Diana Rahman for doing the hard work on this page – we have promised Diana to make it look prettier at some point in the future.