photo credit Dr Mike Pienkowski

Henderson Island

Covering some 3,700 ha but unsuitable for agriculture and with little fresh water, the island has no major land mass within a 5,000 km radius.

Overseas Territories

Henderson Island

Henderson Island, which lies in the eastern South Pacific, is one of the few atolls in the world whose ecology has been practically untouched by a human presence.

Its isolated location provides the ideal context for studying the dynamics of insular evolution and natural selection. Henderson Island is particularly notable for the 10 plants and four land birds that are endemic to the island.

It is of Outstanding Universal Value due to the comparatively low level of disturbance and its isolation, which makes it ideal for studying the dynamics of island evolution and natural selection.

Did you know..?

The island is home to four endemic land bird species – the Henderson fruit dove, Henderson lorikeet, Henderson reed warbler and the flightless Henderson crake.

That Henderson Island is administered from New Zealand by the Pitcairn Islands Administration.

Since the introduction of aluminium-hulled long-boats in the 20th century, Pitcairners have made regular trips to Henderson to harvest the wood of miro and tou trees.


Location: South Pacific Ocean

Country: United Kingdom

Year of Inscription: 1988

UNESCO Criteria: (vii), (x)

Contact information:

For more information about Henderson Island, contact visitor information on +64 9 366 0186

photo credit Dr Mike Pienkowski