Cardiff University’s new Global Heritage MA

February 7, 2024 Published by Alex McCoskrie

Cardiff University has announced their latest Master of Arts – Global Heritage. Heritage is a broad field of study that addresses the ways in which societies preserve and actively use the things they have inherited from past generations. Cardiff’s MA in Global Heritage provides students with a thorough and critical understanding of the role of heritage in the contemporary world, paying particular attention to transnational developments and the impact of globalisation on the sector. While exploring the specificities of national, regional, and local contexts, students will learn how to relate these contexts to globally important heritage debates, for example around sustainability, decolonisation, the impact of conflict and climate change on heritage, and the relationship between heritage and human rights. 

The programme works with a broad conception of heritage, focusing not only on tangible culture, but also on intangible cultural heritage. Students will engage in key heritage debates around the role of museums, visual heritage, the role of heritage in communities, monuments and commemoration, cultural landscapes, and minority languages, among other issues.

Led by the university’s School of Modern Languages, the programme draws on the expertise of staff across the across the arts, humanities, and social sciences disciplines at Cardiff University, which benefits from a wealth of research and teaching experience in the field of heritage. Students will be taught by researchers active in the field of heritage and benefit from insights into their ongoing research projects.

To find out more about the university and the MA, click here.

Image: Taj Mahal/Adi Lica @ Unsplash