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29th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA)

January 23, 2023 Published by Alex McCoskrie

Symposium on Megalithic Sites and Landscapes Public Interpretation and Presentation

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 30th August – 2nd September 2023

This is a reminder that EAA cordially invite members to participant in their EAA 2023 session entitled: ”The Public Interpretation and Presentation of Megalithic Monuments and Sites: Challenges for Best Practice.”  

Knowledge of Megalithic sites and landscapes has increased considerably in the last ten years as documented in the recently published Megaliths of the World volumes (Laporte et al 2022). Many of these sites survive today in a ruinous condition and are not easily legible to the public, so the challenges and complexities surrounding the management and public interpretation of these sites are often formidable. How have local communities been allowed to participate in decision making processes for management and interpretation schemes? What community-level programs have been developed? How effective are these strategies? What are the present and future trends in managing and interpreting these sites, many of which may be in areas affected by changing weather patterns?

This session will present examples of best practice for public interpretation of the incredible quantity and complexity of Megalithic sites and landscapes in Europe and around the world. Continuing international collaborations that began in the UK in 2013, EAA’s goal is to gather extensive multinational examples that can be extrapolated into an internationally relevant best practice guidelines document. 

You are invited to submit a proposed title and abstract following the EAA Belfast submissions, at:  

Scroll down and select session #32. Your title may have max. 20 words, and the abstract may have max. 300 words. You will need to supply 3-6 keywords.

The deadline for submitting or modifying the abstract is 9 February 2023, 23:59 CET.

More information is available under the Scientific Programme tab and FAQ at