photo credit © Historic Environment Scotland

Old and New Towns of Edinburgh WHS

March 23, 2022 Published by World Heritage UK


In late May 2021, heritage and climate experts from around the world met to discuss the threat climate change represents to the Old & New Towns of Edinburgh UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this event from the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust which took place in June 2021, a panel of experts reviewed their conclusions and set out the ways in which heritage can be protected in the face of changing and potentially extreme climate.

The expert panel consisted of Associate Professor Scott Heron, co-developer of the CVI process, from James Cook University, Dr Rebecca Jones, Head of Archaeology & World Heritage, and David Harkin, Climate Change Scientist, from Historic Environment Scotland, Jenny Bruce, World Heritage Site Coordinator, and Yann Grandgirard, Climate Change Manager, from Edinburgh World Heritage.

This event showcased the results of a climate vulnerability workshop held across two weeks in late May 2021, which used, for the first time in an urban setting, the CVI tool developed by scientists at James Cook University. The workshop engaged a diverse range of people, including professionals from different sectors, heritage and climate experts, and representatives of the local community.

Edinburgh World Heritage Site has produced useful guidance on ways that property owners can help to protect their buildings in the face of climate change which many others may find useful.