World Heritage UK will host a minimum of four events a year, which will fall into 3 categories, as set out below:

Network meetings are for primarily for Site Coordinators and other practitioners.  They are for Networking, CPD, skills share and thematic discussions, and will involve guest speakers. They will also provide opportunities for national agencies to update and consult with Site practitioners, and support or deliver training and information that is part of their obligations in meeting the WH Convention. These one-day meetings will be in accessible city venues around the UK (whether or not they are World Heritage Sites), but will not  involve tours or Site visits as standard.  Any members are welcome to attend these meetings, and all Site coordinators are invited, whether or not they are a member*

Annual Conference and AGM: This is for the wider membership – voting and associate – and the broader World Heritage community; i.e. anyone with an interest.   We intend this to be a high profile event with government, national agency and UNESCO involvement, and in doing so will try to address our Strategic Aims of advocacy and promotion, as well as networking.  Each conference will be themed, and speakers will be invited or called for following that theme.  This will normally be a multi-day event set in a World Heritage Site setting.  Anybody is invited to this meeting, and conference fees will vary from free to full-price depending on membership status.

Members Meeting and Study trip: This will be a second occasion for member representatives to get together each year, hold a required members general meeting, and visit in more detail an aspect of an World Heritage Site management, or explore a Site and its OUV in more detail.   These meetings will be a maximum of a day and apart from the business meeting, will have specific learning outcomes to help colleagues meet CPD needs. Any members (voting or associate) are welcome to attend these meetings.

Summary timetable

Meeting type When Location
Networking meetings January and July Accessible city venue
Annual Conference and AGM October WH Site venue
Members meeting and study day May** WH Site venue

* Non-members will be charged a fee for the day to cover costs.
** This will not take place in 2015


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