Unlocking the Potential – World Heritage UK's Resilient Heritage Project

World Heritage UK are pleased to have received a generous grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to work until March 2021 to explore the best way of making World Heritage UK stronger and healthier as an organisation so that we are able to meet the needs of our members in representing the issues of individuals and organisations working in the 32 World Heritage Sites in the UK.

Tiva Montalbano began work as Resilience Project Manager in October 2019. Tiva brings a wealth of experience with her having worked for Historic England and with The Prince’s Regeneration Trust.

Tiva will be managing a comprehensive review of all our activities including: governance, communications and engagement, fundraising and business strategy.

As part of this project Tiva has been carrying out an extensive survey of our members, stakeholders and partner organisations to understand how we are viewed as an organisation and how we can best meet our mission to raise the profile and secure the future of UK World Heritage Sites by advocating for support and resources, promoting the Sites values, and facilitating networking, training and sharing of good practice.

The Trustees are fully engaged and participating in task and finish groups to suppport Tiva.

A full update on progress will be provided at the AGM in September but please do contact Tiva by email tiva.montalbano@worldheritageuk.org

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