Towards an Outline Research Strategy for World Heritage UK

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We have been lucky enough to get some pro-bono input from staff at Liverpool University to help put together an outline Research Strategy for World Heritage UK.  Any organisation that has advocacy as one of its aims needs to base its assertions on good evidence, moreover, high quality research can help us manage our Sites better.

Not only is systematic data from across the whole World Heritage sector in the UK lacking, but there has been no attempt to get a clear idea of what the Sites need in order to improve that way they work in areas like management planning, formal education or responding to planning applications.

The work that  Carol Ludwig and (WH:UK Trustee) Ian Wray has done has resulted in a succinct ‘starter for 10’ document using the data from several consultations of Sites and other industry organisations.  It sets out a rationale, an approach and then 10 priority themes with some potential questions identified within them.  The document is available for download here, and we welcome further feedback via

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Museums and Heritage Advisor Article

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Dear Friends of World Heritage UK

We thought you’d like to see an article about the forthcoming conference in Museums and Heritage Advisor which went live yesterday:

We have a great turnout booked in for the event, but we can always squeeze in one or two last minute bookings so if you are interested please click here or contact Chris at

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